Last Night’s TechCrunch Mini-Meetup

Wow, even with the threat of storms and the last minute change of venue, there were at least 300-400 people who attended the meet up.  It was great to meet a bunch of new startups working on Mobile Device Apps, and also some who were working on the interaction between work and play.  The other very interesting group of people I talked with are those doing work around analytics and social media.  While I didn’t remember to get a card from all the people I talked with, a few local groups that I did remember to get are here (not in any particular order):

Archive Social – A company that specializes in allowing people in regulated industries to use social media

S.T.E.N.C.I.L – A developer of software for education to help improve outcomes for at-risk students.

Urban Planet Mobile – Local developers helping people learn new languages.

I am really looking forward to learning more about each of these groups, as well as the upcoming App development class that Paul Jones, from UNC and, is working on.  Exciting times.

Tonight’s TechCrunch Mini-Meetup

When is a mini-meetup a blow out!  When there are over 600 people signed up.  I am really looking forward to heading over in a few hours  to the TechCrunch Mini Meetup, the this number they have just announced that it has moved to Bay 7 (and to address the potential for rain.  As I’ve been saying on this reason for this blog, the RTP area is a vibrant location for start ups and for mobile development.  If you see me tonight introduce yourself, especially if you are a local mobile developer.  Let’s see how we can show off your work!

The Gauntlet has been thrown

Ok, not sure why today is asking for more than one post, but TechCrunch has thrown down the glove! They are challenging our east coast startups – here .

It’s posts like this that showcase the problem that we here at triangleappshow are trying to address. While we love techcrunch and their all things tech and startup focus, we believe that the east coast deserves the love. Not all startups are in SF. Even they admit it, but for some reason the East Coast startups are a bit quiet. We don’t think that is really the case, but because of the massive juggernaught that is the podcasting and videocasting community in California, east coast startups don’t get the love.

Make your voice heard!