Last Night’s TechCrunch Mini-Meetup

Wow, even with the threat of storms and the last minute change of venue, there were at least 300-400 people who attended the meet up.  It was great to meet a bunch of new startups working on Mobile Device Apps, and also some who were working on the interaction between work and play.  The other very interesting group of people I talked with are those doing work around analytics and social media.  While I didn’t remember to get a card from all the people I talked with, a few local groups that I did remember to get are here (not in any particular order):

Archive Social – A company that specializes in allowing people in regulated industries to use social media

S.T.E.N.C.I.L – A developer of software for education to help improve outcomes for at-risk students.

Urban Planet Mobile – Local developers helping people learn new languages.

I am really looking forward to learning more about each of these groups, as well as the upcoming App development class that Paul Jones, from UNC and, is working on.  Exciting times.