Missed the S4 launch?

Well, as everything would have it, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch happened while I was unavailable to watch the live stream. I’ve been trying to find a reliable video but so far the ones I found, have been market private. Oh well, the blogs have been full of tons of good information. Here are just a few of the sites:
Android Central
Business Insider

One of the key things that I was surprised about was the total lack of actually showing the device in person. Apple does a really good job about showing the demos “live” and connecting the devices to the large screens.

Having said that, I did pick up a new device this week, in order to start working on my own Android application programming. I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 Inch). The reason I chose it was the price, and availability in a near by store. I must say that I was surprised that I had to charge it before I could use the device. It is NOT snappy. But for testing my application it will work. Maybe that means I will focus on improving performance of the app.

How do you test your app across platforms?