Apps are a live and well

The local Meetup scene continues to amaze me. Last night I went to a Meetup called The Mobile App Success Group. Xan, the founder of this Meetup Group, has been successful in developing Websites for some time, and brings ideas around marketing your App, getting development and design resources, and other tips and tricks for starting your business. The goal of the meeting last night was to show a couple of of new Apps that are being worked on.

Both Xan and John (the other presenter) showed off the designs of two up and coming games and asked the participants for feedback. I really liked this approach. Given that the design of games developed by one or two people on their own, they can sometimes get blinders on potential problems in that design. So the attendees at the meetup got to provide feedback and talk about experiences from:

    What Ad network to use, if you are doing an ad supported app?
    How to find a good graphics designer?
    Managing the economy of your game, when you allow rewards to be used for in app purchases.

I hope to have links to both of these games and the websites for Xan and John as soon as they get closer to launch. Xan’s app should be coming out in early Sept.

Both of these apps are guessing games, like DrawSomething, but very much with exciting twists. Can’t wait to play and show off the games as they get ready to launch.