ReKoMe! A Tag Your Photos Automatically

One of the booths I didn’t get to see at MacWorld/iWorld is the app ReKoMe. I was watching the videos that Chuck Joiner did over at MacVoices, and realized I should have made time to see them. I decided that I would download the Beta and test it out today. Overall this is a pretty amazing tool. The App dynamically adds tags to your pictures so that you can search for images. It can identify scenes, people, things, etc. So far it only works on iOS7 devices, and it requires your images to be local to your device (so it would look at images in your photo stream). I normally don’t keep pictures on my iPhone, even with 64gb, I don’t have the room for my photo library, but I took a chance this morning and put a copy of my iPhoto library back on the phone. The device is now giving me memory warnings, but I do have a lot of pictures.

After loading all the images on the device, I’ve been waiting for the app to tag and identify all the photos. The process took about two hours for 12,000 pictures, I started playing with how well the tagging was. Overall, it’s pretty impressive. It did, however, flag some pictures of european buildings as Snowstorms. I guess the gray confused it. If you have too many pictures to manage, this may be the app for you.