Local Gaming Accelerator

Joystick Labs is a local group that helps local game developers get started. They focus exclusively on helping launch the next gen of video game companies. Yeas ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of the co-founders – Juan Benito at one of the Triangle Game Initiative events. His passion for the industry and local developers was infective. He doesn’t know this, but he helped inspire me to start this blog, and eventually the podcast once we get it going.

Anyway, Joystick Labs has been around for over two years and has announced their next sign-up for teams which can be selected for their support. Prior teams include Lab Rats Studio, Mighty Rabbit Studios, Nix Hydra Games, GaleForce Logic, Inari Games, Buckle Up Game Studios, and Wefiends. As you can see the local community has a great set of game developers for many platforms.

If you want to apply for a bit of acceleration, go over to Joystick Labs and apply between March 6th and May 25 for the upcoming session on August 20th. Good Luck!!