My continuing experience with glass

It’s been a few months with Google glass, and while it is interesting, I am still not overly impressed with the tech.  The idea is fantastic, but the implementation of applications so far is less than impressive.  Given that it is beta, I know things can only get better; however, I am starting to feel that Google is using this as a test platform for their android wear solutions.  The Google Now cards, that show up in glass, are starting to be THE way to program for android wear.

Photo on 7-2-14 at 3.58 PM


Is it the idea that is intriguing, or the actual tech?  I keep wondering if this is because of the requirement for tethering when I am out and about. However, even around the house, or at my favorite coffee shop, when I have full wifi access, I am not finding that the existing apps are that useful.

What do you think?  Are you going to get glass as an explorer?  Do you think it will EVER come out of beta?  Or is this all just a test bed?

Off Topic – Blogging and Comments

It’s been over a year and a half that I’ve been working this blog. Not a long time, compared to some of my podcasts, but still a lot of posts, and some good traffic. What I’ve not figured out how to do is to get comments in any significant number. So here is a request to the people who read this blog:

What makes you comment on a blog?

I know that some people like to write posts that are controversial, just to get an argument going in the comments. This drives traffic and I guess if that is your only goal then I guess it makes sense. But to me, I don’t want a yelling match. I have no problem if people comment that I like Apple more than Android, it is a true statement. However, my goal is to learn about all platforms. I would be glad to pick up a Windows RT device, or a Windows Phone, if I thought it was that much different than Windows 8. I have an android device to learn about, and to test writing for that platform. However, I am an old C programmer, and Objective C on iOS is the perfect platform to leverage my skills.

Others like to write posts to review products, with a goal of getting free stuff. I don’t do that because I like to support the developers who make stuff. Years ago I wrote a few shareware programs. I register all my shareware (when that was a thing) in order to ensure that the developers could make enough of a living to keep doing the things they love.

Perhaps I should try and write funny posts, one of my favorite bloggers is the Pintester. She is way too funny. But I don’t think that would be appropriate.

So, I will keep writing my posts about the topics that interest me and that support local developers. If you know a local developer who is focused on mobile apps – let me know. I would love to promote their work and see how their work can help you become a better developer.

Game Blog

Decided to create a separate section to the blog which will hold all future updates on Traders vs. Trinars.  Just a quick notice on where we stand on the game.

After our successful game test last year, the coding began.  We quickly made some incredible progress, and leveraged the game art from the game test.  We then ran into a few snags.  One, our artist seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Two, after upgrading to the latest version of the game engine, we started having multiple problems with the initial work.  This is requiring significant refactoring to the code.  We are also having to work on getting a new artist.

So in the mean time, we are working on restructuring the game play and start thinking thru how to start with a smaller game.  Perhaps even just a demo which allows you to learn how to navigate the world we have in mind.  We’d love to hear from you!

Windshield Time

Years ago I worked for an experienced data processing manager. The fact that the job was in data processing should indicate the I am now an experienced IT professional. My manager would come up with these complex development problems and never give me time to actually think about how to come up with solutions. After months of getting more of these problems and not having time to actually come up with creative solutions, I snapped. I approached my manager and said how do you think I can come up with the right solutions if you never give me time to think through the problems.

This is when he explained to me that I had plenty of time to work on these problems, my one way commute was over 45 minutes on a good day. I should use this “windshield time” to think thru the problems. I realized he was right and suddenly found I had almost 2 hours a day of just think time.

Now a days many of us work on our apps at home, nights and weekends, when is our windshield time?

Twitter integration for Wasted Time

So, now that we got the persistance across sessions and meeting restart functions approved and on the app store, it’s time to really focus on Twitter integration.  We are glad we hadn’t gotten to far before this time, since Twitter has officially shut down all apps that are using simple integrations.  So now we have to focus on getting a much better understanding of how the OAuth features work for twitter.  In the mean time we want your feedback on how Twitter integration should work.  There are a few choices that come to mind:


1) Tweet when ever a meeting has reached quorum and when it is ended, as long as you have selected that you wish to tweet.  While this would be the simplest, it may not be prudent to tweet that you just wasted a ton of money by being in a meeting with your boss.

2) Only tweet when a meeting has completed.  

3) Only tweet when quorum is reached.

4) Ask at each major point, do you want to tweet about this event, i.e.  If you press quorum achieved, ask if you wish to tweet, or if your meetin ended, instead of asking “Was it worth it”, ask do you want to tweet, and if you answer yes, then ask was it worth it.  This would allow the tweet to say “We just spent $1billion and it was worth it :)”


What do you think?  Any suggestions?