Coding makes you happy

I’ve been in the “IT Industry” for longer than many of my developer friends have been alive.  I started programming in high school, but had the opportunity in elementary school to play on an IBM Mini Computer at Riverside College in California, oh yeah, it used punch cards!!!

I find that while working thru a difficult bug or routine or design can be extremely frustrating, there is nothing more gratifying than actually getting it done.  So gratifying in fact that many times when I am coding time stands still and I have my Fiero moment well past the time any normal person would be in bed.  I spend most of my days now, no longer coding but working on business cases and power point charts.  And while I still love what I do, I can’t think of a single Fiero moment in doing those.

Lately I’ve been working on a game for the iPhone and iPad…  It’s great to have that much happiness!