Sunday is coding time

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, my day job is a bit overloaded lately. The good news is, after spending significant time working on Saturday, I discovered that I will not have my first thing Monday morning meeting. What that means is, today I get to code!

I’ve been struggling with inserting sprites between layers of a TileMap in my game. To that end, I’ve decided to go back and retake some of the classes I took early on when I first started coding for iOS. I realize that like many things, you need to spend time coding to keep some concepts in your mind correctly.

I’ve also picked up a few new tools to help in the game design, the main one being LevelHelper. This allows for integration of cocos2d and box2d for creating level based games. There’s a great tutorial by Ray Wenderlich on how to make a JetPack Joyride like game using levelhelper. I am hoping to play with this design to get my game designs jumpstarted.