Is monthly the new posting scheduled?

As people who follow me on various social feeds may know, I have way too many interests at times: swimming, singing, gaming, programming, technology, gadgets, just to name a few. On top of this, I have a day job that keeps me very busy, more do lately then usual. My weekly podcast over at is staring to become more of a periodic-weekly episodic event. My time for programming has gone from every weekend, to more like one weekend a month at best. My weekly swimming has become about once every three weeks. My yearly operatic singing, is going to be missed this year. My gaming habit of MMO’s is being replaced by casual gaming when I get my coffee. And my playing with gadgets is also being reduced.

So what am I going to target for this blog? I’ve not been able to attend the usual meetups that I like for some time. So how can I be showcasing cool apps I am seeing, if I don’t get to see them? I am hoping that I can squeeze at least a monthly event attendance and from that I will try and highlight what I see. If you see any cool apps, I am looking for help, and would love to expand the number of authors on this site.

Please drop me an email if you are interested.