Co-Working and Innovation

One of the things that I try to do, every month or so, is work at a co-working site.  My current favorite is  Bull City Co-Working.  The reason I like co-working sites, is that you feel a vibe in the space, of people doing great things.  People who come to co-working sites, realize that while we can all work at home nowadays, being around other people is important.  Yes you can use Twitter, or instant messaging, or Facebook to “socialize” while you work, but those activities, are still “removed” from actual people.  When I look around the room, and see other people hunched over the computer (well, hunched is probably the wrong word…), and hear the background hum of people using a conference room… I am at work.

You may ask, well, why not just go to a traditional office?  I do have one, but that is a  cube farm.  Cube Farms, do NOT inspire me to be creative or innovative… they are actually the antithesis of inspiring.  Cube farms, make me feel like a drone, I feel I should be wearing a green visor and sleeve garters, with a gigantic in box full of forms…”Oh, we loath, the old one… Oh, we loath, the old one…”  bring out the flying monkeys my pretty!!!

I feel like I come up with Innovative ideas, when I can talk to and work with people who have no idea what I am talking about.  Or when I can talk with people who have different reference points, but some level of common vision.  Co-Working sites, put you in a space with other people who are working on very different things than I am.

I am sure I will post more about co-working, but I’ve been meaning to post something for a while.  Is there a co-working site that you go to?

Catching up on some blogging

Sometimes I forget how fast time can move when you are busy. I’ve been meaning to blog since going to the escapist expo a few weeks ago, and I just keep running out of time, so this morning while I drink a cup of my favorite coffee, I decided to start this blog entry.

So where do I begin?

The Escapist Expo happened the same weekend as Durham’s Centerfest celebration. I had found out about the Escapist Expo on friday while listening to The State of Things – and decided I had to go. How could I not? Gaming, Games, and Geek Culture!! It was a triple threat. I went and got to hear a session from Chris Hazard – founder of Hazardous Games. I’ve talked with Chris many times, including on both of my podcasts – (Dogearnation – now defunct, and GamesAtWork.Biz – the current podcast). He has an amazing mind and thinks a lot of how to use time travel in simulation games. I then spent time on the show floor, testing out new games, picking up some game inspired music, and watching all the really great cosplay people. Amazing time, hate that I forgot to take pictures. Oh, and I did take part of a team based geek trivia panel, there were 9 teams and we came in 4th. Given that there was a bunch on console gaming (and I don’t do console gaming), I felt proud to place 4th!

Since I didn’t take pictures.. I am linking to another attendee’s blog who took some great pics.

More to come .. soon.. I promise

Sustain a bull – Apps?

Was grabbing my daily coffee at my favorite coffee shop BeanTraders, and saw a pamphlet on the counter for the “Sustain a Bull” program. David and Christy, the owners, have evidently joined this program to help support local businesses. (For more information go check out their website at Sustain a Bull.

This got me thinking, are app develops a local business? Let me suggest that they are… Here are my thoughts:

  • Most developers are small teams
  • small teams tend to be co-located
  • Revenue from apps comes to the local community

Yes, these are over generalization, but getting started to develop apps is not hard all you need is a pc or a Mac, and a device to test on. There are many online free and cheap tools to help you get started. And the 70% of the revenue goes directly to the developer, at least on the apple app store.

I will think this out even more and post more soon.

The Smoffice Competition

Was digging thru my feeds this morning on all things RTP, and saw this great article about a new competition. Go check out SMOffice where they are running a contest for any Startup who wants to get started in Durham, NC. You get the world’s smallest office for 6 months free and a free condominium for 6 months too, just a short 10 minute walk from your new Smoffice.

I love this idea, they are giving away a 20 square foot office inside of a really great little hangout on Main Street in Durham. You will be minutes away from over 70 other startups, and the world famous Durham Bull’s Stadium, where you can check out some great baseball games. Also, within minutes you can walk to Duram’s new DPAC and DAC venues for great national and local performers. What more could you ask for?

How about access to venture capital, and an incredible community of local App Developers? I will be following this contest closely.