Why Digital Downloads Suck

I’ve always had issues with DRM, as I like to own my content. 

Years ago, I went thru and converted a bunch of my old music collection (Casette Tapes and LPs) to MP3s so I could put them in my digital music library.  There were many albums that, over the years, I have replaced by buying the CDs, and those I ripped from CD to put in my digital library.  

Recently there are new albums coming out from artists I really like, and as such, I like to buy the LPs (I like the sound better, when I have time to sit down, and just listen to the LPs),… but I make sure that the ones I am buying include a digital download. I don’t mind paying extra (I also buy the triple formatted blueray’s for most of the movies I want in my collection).  

Here’s where the process breaks down…. Many of the LPs and the Blueray’s have a limited time that the downloads are available!  So if you buy an album that you didn’t catch in the store when it was first released, or you put Bluerays and DVDs on your wishlist for others to get things around birthdays and holidays, sometimes you end up paying for the extra-digital download and then finding out that they are no longer available.  

Big fail!  If you are going to offer digital downloads, you should make them available for as long as you (the distributor) are in business.   Otherwise, don’t complain when I use the analog hole, to rip an LP or a blueray to put it in my digital library.