Favorite App This Week

I’ve been trying to get more hours in the day… Let’s just say, that I am not traveling at the speed of light yet, so time has not slowed down.  Actually I think it is speeding up, which must mean that I am getting closer to the speed of dark!

I wanted to drop a quick post on the latest app that I’ve fallen for and I realized that I am in a bit of a funk as it relates to new Apps that excite me.  And to be honest, none come to mind.  I did install the new Digg app, I used to be a big fan of Digg, but their app was always subpar and after the site basically melted down, I had no desire to keep hanging around.  I do like the new app, but is it really relevant anymore?  I’m not sure.

I use a Drobo on my home network, so I picked up Dromo – Drobo(c) Monitor, and it’s pretty good, but I wish I could use it to shut down my drobo during a storm.

And I picked up Chirp – which is an interesting application, but I’ve not really had much use for it.  Chirp allows your to send an auditory url, that other Chirp users can then access the picture or content that you attach to it.  I would love to be exited by this one, but I’ve downloaded it and not really gotten to use it.

What apps have you gotten excited about this week?