Day 3 – CES 2016

Wow, Amazing day, got a full 4 hours on the show floor, and was able to see a ton of really cool tech. Unfortunately I will miss Day 4, due to flights, but what did I get from CES this year.
1) The IOT is main stream. Many companies are still showing their own platforms. Tons of devices are sending data to the cloud.
2) Health and wearables are where the growth is. While automotive and connect home, are still showing new and cool things, the real buzz is around wearables, health and fitness.
3) I did not see many connected appliances, but I didn’t get to every hall.
4) Vinyl records are back! I saw multiple companies selling new turn tables. I took a picture off this one for my dad.

This one is based on the designs of old muscle cars.

This one is based on the designs of old muscle cars.

Is this a reaction to the DRM of digital music? We’ll find out soon.

5) One thing that I did not see, again I didn’t walk every hall, was anything on block chain. I guess this is not yet down to the level of consumers yet.

The follow gallery is all the cool pics I took today. Drop me a question via comments for any thing you see.