Co-Working and Innovation

One of the things that I try to do, every month or so, is work at a co-working site.  My current favorite is  Bull City Co-Working.  The reason I like co-working sites, is that you feel a vibe in the space, of people doing great things.  People who come to co-working sites, realize that while we can all work at home nowadays, being around other people is important.  Yes you can use Twitter, or instant messaging, or Facebook to “socialize” while you work, but those activities, are still “removed” from actual people.  When I look around the room, and see other people hunched over the computer (well, hunched is probably the wrong word…), and hear the background hum of people using a conference room… I am at work.

You may ask, well, why not just go to a traditional office?  I do have one, but that is a  cube farm.  Cube Farms, do NOT inspire me to be creative or innovative… they are actually the antithesis of inspiring.  Cube farms, make me feel like a drone, I feel I should be wearing a green visor and sleeve garters, with a gigantic in box full of forms…”Oh, we loath, the old one… Oh, we loath, the old one…”  bring out the flying monkeys my pretty!!!

I feel like I come up with Innovative ideas, when I can talk to and work with people who have no idea what I am talking about.  Or when I can talk with people who have different reference points, but some level of common vision.  Co-Working sites, put you in a space with other people who are working on very different things than I am.

I am sure I will post more about co-working, but I’ve been meaning to post something for a while.  Is there a co-working site that you go to?