Is monthly the new posting scheduled?

As people who follow me on various social feeds may know, I have way too many interests at times: swimming, singing, gaming, programming, technology, gadgets, just to name a few. On top of this, I have a day job that keeps me very busy, more do lately then usual. My weekly podcast over at is staring to become more of a periodic-weekly episodic event. My time for programming has gone from every weekend, to more like one weekend a month at best. My weekly swimming has become about once every three weeks. My yearly operatic singing, is going to be missed this year. My gaming habit of MMO’s is being replaced by casual gaming when I get my coffee. And my playing with gadgets is also being reduced.

So what am I going to target for this blog? I’ve not been able to attend the usual meetups that I like for some time. So how can I be showcasing cool apps I am seeing, if I don’t get to see them? I am hoping that I can squeeze at least a monthly event attendance and from that I will try and highlight what I see. If you see any cool apps, I am looking for help, and would love to expand the number of authors on this site.

Please drop me an email if you are interested.

Off Topic – Blogging and Comments

It’s been over a year and a half that I’ve been working this blog. Not a long time, compared to some of my podcasts, but still a lot of posts, and some good traffic. What I’ve not figured out how to do is to get comments in any significant number. So here is a request to the people who read this blog:

What makes you comment on a blog?

I know that some people like to write posts that are controversial, just to get an argument going in the comments. This drives traffic and I guess if that is your only goal then I guess it makes sense. But to me, I don’t want a yelling match. I have no problem if people comment that I like Apple more than Android, it is a true statement. However, my goal is to learn about all platforms. I would be glad to pick up a Windows RT device, or a Windows Phone, if I thought it was that much different than Windows 8. I have an android device to learn about, and to test writing for that platform. However, I am an old C programmer, and Objective C on iOS is the perfect platform to leverage my skills.

Others like to write posts to review products, with a goal of getting free stuff. I don’t do that because I like to support the developers who make stuff. Years ago I wrote a few shareware programs. I register all my shareware (when that was a thing) in order to ensure that the developers could make enough of a living to keep doing the things they love.

Perhaps I should try and write funny posts, one of my favorite bloggers is the Pintester. She is way too funny. But I don’t think that would be appropriate.

So, I will keep writing my posts about the topics that interest me and that support local developers. If you know a local developer who is focused on mobile apps – let me know. I would love to promote their work and see how their work can help you become a better developer.

Catching up on some blogging

Sometimes I forget how fast time can move when you are busy. I’ve been meaning to blog since going to the escapist expo a few weeks ago, and I just keep running out of time, so this morning while I drink a cup of my favorite coffee, I decided to start this blog entry.

So where do I begin?

The Escapist Expo happened the same weekend as Durham’s Centerfest celebration. I had found out about the Escapist Expo on friday while listening to The State of Things – and decided I had to go. How could I not? Gaming, Games, and Geek Culture!! It was a triple threat. I went and got to hear a session from Chris Hazard – founder of Hazardous Games. I’ve talked with Chris many times, including on both of my podcasts – (Dogearnation – now defunct, and GamesAtWork.Biz – the current podcast). He has an amazing mind and thinks a lot of how to use time travel in simulation games. I then spent time on the show floor, testing out new games, picking up some game inspired music, and watching all the really great cosplay people. Amazing time, hate that I forgot to take pictures. Oh, and I did take part of a team based geek trivia panel, there were 9 teams and we came in 4th. Given that there was a bunch on console gaming (and I don’t do console gaming), I felt proud to place 4th!

Since I didn’t take pictures.. I am linking to another attendee’s blog who took some great pics.

More to come .. soon.. I promise