Why the N@zi’s would love DRM

While the title may seem like click bate, I really believe this is true. I’ve been thinking about how many people have gotten rid of their libraries (Music, Videos, Games, etc,) for the convenience of streaming content. All you have to do is start the latest app and you now have access to most of the music you like, most of the movies you want to watch, and most of the books you may want to read. It’s so easy and it only costs $10 per month per service.
As you may know, if you follow my blog, I had to rebuild my NAS of my Video collection. Not a problem, I own the Blu-ray and DVDs for the movies and TV shows, so I just fired up handbrake and MakeMKV to start rebuilding. As I was going thru them, some of the Blu-Ray’s were combo packs with the digital downloads. Of course the codes are no longer valid.
In the mean time Disney just partnered with a bunch of other companies and released their new Movies Anywhere app and platform, and if you connect some of your other accounts you get free movies. Now why would they do this? I believe they do it so they can get visibility to those accounts and ultimately allow them to gain additional data about you and your viewing habits.
All of this is still OK, better customer knowledge means better targeted ads, etc.
However, with any digital media that you don’t own, the provider can disable the content. Imagine if the book burning parties of the 1930’s could have been done with a push of a button. Wiping out years of knowledge and content in seconds – amazing German efficiency. And now, let’s look at all the data that can be seen and used to correlate “incorrect” thoughts of behaviors. So something that was OK this year, becomes incorrect next year. We can know identify and target that content and delete it.

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