NAS and Media Maintenance

I have a problem, I like to own my media. Yes, I know in this age of streaming music, streaming video, and streaming games, why would anyone want to own their media.

First off, if you watch the changing landscape of services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Apple, etc. The various media services are constantly adding and removing content. Everyone is trying to figure out how to eek out as much “Value” (AKA – money) from every piece of content. Most of the money doesn’t go to the creators, but is siphoned away by producers, distributors, lawyers, and agents. And, if you have any network issues, you Chan’s necessarily get access to specific content.

Years ago, I started converting a ton of old media, LPs, Cassettes, and VHS tapes, to digital and storing them on my NAS. I also made DVD and CDs from those newly digitized files.

So as I started dealing with reorganizing my terra-bytes of media content, I ended up finding multiple copies of content across my NAS drive. I used a few tools – including Gemini 2 to find and clean this up. Imagine my surprise when I re-established my media library and discovered that I had accidentally deleted full copies of my movies library.

So for the next few months, I will be re-ripping my newly created DVDs from old shows I was in and other content.


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