10 years of Podcasting

While recording my podcast this week over at Games At Work dot Biz I realized that I have been doing podcasts for over 10 years now. It all started with my current Co-host Michael Martine and I putting together an audio recording to promote a project we had for work. We called it Project Wookie, the idea was to take the addictive qualities of MMO games (in this case it was Star Wars Galaxies, that included an entertainer character that you would have to go watch in order to reduce your characters fatigue) and apply that idea to work and education.
We quickly morphed into a podcast called Dogear-Nation (as an homage to our favorite video podcast at the time – DiggNation). We would look for social bookmarks in a tool called Dogear, and spend time talking tech and gaming technology. We did 200 public episodes of that podcast (and about 70 or so internal episodes within our work).
During that time, I also did two other podcasts, one called “Tripping the Verse” – where I got experts in various Virtual World technologies to talk. The Verse in this case was the Virtual Universe Community inside of IBM. I also got hooked on the Kindle a few years later, and did a book review podcast, where I would focus on business and sci-fi books. I did about 10 episodes of each of these podcasts, as the topics were very niche and for the Kindle podcast (which I called Random Abstractions) took up too much time to keep my schedule of 1 book per month.
After the 6 month hiatus from Dogear-Nation (which had a ton of great cohosts including Matt Simpson, Steven Harrison, and the incredible Andy Piper), I decided to start up a new podcast. We would focus back on what got me started in podcasting – Gaming technology and Play!
We’ve had a few of us on the podcast as co-hosts: Michael Martine, Andy Piper, Phaedra Boinodiris, and Sandy Kearney.
I am thinking we need to do something special on episode 150 of the Games At Work dot Biz Podcast. What do you think?