Tivo and DRM

I’ve been loving my TIVO, we can watch / record upto 6 shows at one time.  Very cool… However, recent changes in the system have really made me frustrated.. and I am betting it is TIVO cowtowing to the media industry.

I used to be able to sit in my computer room and do some work on one of my computers while watching a show (via streaming) to my other computer.  My wife could sit downstairs and watch shows on the TV.  But, recently many of my shows do not allow me to watch them (on the same network at home) via the web browser.  Evidently if a TV show is flagged as DRM, even TIVO’s own webplayer is not allowed to show the show.  There is no TIVO app for the Mac so at this point I am screwed.

I have also used an app to convert TIVO’ed show to run on my iTunes library.. again these same shows are no longer available to that app.  While the TV industry is struggling to come to terms with the digital world, I feel they are making things worse for their consumers.  And will only continue to encourage people to “break” DRM instead, as we saw with the music industry, once it becomes easier to be in compliance people will do the right thing.

Has anyone figured out a way around these ludicrous restrictions?