The joys of work related travel

I can’t sleep on planes anymore.  This is a big problem when traveling to Europe, as you almost always have a redeye, which to me means working thru the night on the plane, and then trying to get a hotel to let me do an early check-in, so I can shower, and perhaps catch a nap before heading to the office.  

Well my current trip wasn’t going to let that happen.  When I left home to fly up to JFK on the way to Zurich, I had a small delay in RTP.  This wasn’t going to be a problem as I had 3 hours between landing in NY and flying out to Zurich.  Little did I know that, this was only the start of the fun.  In RTP, we had a small ground hold, and then when we landed at JFK, we ended up getting parked on the Tarmac. We got to take a bus, to get to the terminal all.  All very unplanned, and adding about 45 minutes total delay to the 1st leg of the flight.

After this, I was able to grab a quick dinner, and head to my gate.  Unfortunately there was no plane.  We had mechanical problem and after about an hour delay, the plane showed up.  While I waited I did get to see a nice NY sunset:

We finally boarded and then had to wait another half hour on the plane before we actually got in the air.  So far, only 90 minutes behind.  When we landed I had a very expensive cab ride to a wonderfully quaint hotel recommended by a local.  And now I sit and wait for the reception to show up so I can check in.   It’s gonna be a very long day.

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