IPhone Updates, Downloads, and Monday Mornings

Ok, I didn’t start this process on a Monday morning, but there was an “emergency” update by apple on Thursday that seemed to hose my iPhone.  The update was 9.3.1 and was to address a problem some people were having when they tried to click on links in emails.  To be honest, I rarely try to do this so I didn’t appear to be impacted by the people. However, as a developer, I tend to update my devices as soon as the updates are released.  

I recently turned off Apple Music and went back to just using iTunes Match.  With a library of about 18,000 songs, I was not getting much value out of Apple Music.  In order to allow me to have access to all my music when traveling, I had started to download one of my playlists (it’s called unplayed and unbanked – which allows me to listen to a ton of music I haven’t listened to in about 3 year or more).  This is when all my problems began.  My iPhone was having issues downloading the 8,000+ songs, and kept hanging.  After it hung, the phone would get very hot and burn thru the battery.  I tried canceling the downloads, and they would magically start back up!  It also was stopping me from being able to download new apps.  It seemed that no matter what I did (restart phone, hard restart of phone, you name it), the phone would just hang on downloads and burn thru the battery.

I decided yesterday that I had enough, and did a factory reset on the phone!  Then more troubles!  My latest backup was causing the same problems, so I went back in time and chose a backup from before the 9.3.1 update.  The restore ran over night, but sometime during the night, it stopped.  And this morning I’ve had to start reinstalling all my apps (one at a time).  At least now the phone seems to be installing apps again.  Wish me luck!

In the mean time, I found a bug in WastedTime 6.0 and submitted a fix to my App to version 6.1.  Hope Apple releases it soon!

Oh – and Happy Monday!

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