Recovery and Scars


Elbow Scar

Elbow Scar

In the past Scars were considered a badge of honor. People got most scars in battles, fights, and while pursuing survival (hunting, farming, building shelter, etc.).  My I scar has been generated due to a surgery to improve the use of my hand.  I have two scare, one is small and will disappear into the folds of the skin on my wrist, the other is pretty large (2-3 inches) and is on my elbow. 

The small scar has quickly healed and is almost completely back to normal.d. The larger scar has sensitivity, is bumpy (due to how the skin was brought back together after the surgery), and will take much longer to heal.  

Am I glad to have had the surgery, absolutely… Did I get these scars while pursuing survival?  I would say yes.  My job requires that I type a lot.  Before the surgery, I had been losing feeling in my right hand, and had increasing levels of pain on a daily basis.  Now most of the pain is completely gone in my hands, and three of the fingers are completely back to normal from a feeling perspective.  The other two should become normal within a year.  

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