Recovery and Scars


Elbow Scar

Elbow Scar

In the past Scars were considered a badge of honor. People got most scars in battles, fights, and while pursuing survival (hunting, farming, building shelter, etc.).  My I scar has been generated due to a surgery to improve the use of my hand.  I have two scare, one is small and will disappear into the folds of the skin on my wrist, the other is pretty large (2-3 inches) and is on my elbow. 

The small scar has quickly healed and is almost completely back to normal.d. The larger scar has sensitivity, is bumpy (due to how the skin was brought back together after the surgery), and will take much longer to heal.  

Am I glad to have had the surgery, absolutely… Did I get these scars while pursuing survival?  I would say yes.  My job requires that I type a lot.  Before the surgery, I had been losing feeling in my right hand, and had increasing levels of pain on a daily basis.  Now most of the pain is completely gone in my hands, and three of the fingers are completely back to normal from a feeling perspective.  The other two should become normal within a year.  

Comments and Spam

One thing I have done for my blogs is automatically turn off comments after a short period of time.  This may cut down interaction a lot, but I feel that it is necessary.  Let me explain why.

Years ago I had a podcast called DogearNation.  We based this podcast on the very popular DiggNation podcast… Meaning we found cool links people posted on social media, and talked about them.  The cool thing about this model was that we had tons of content, which caused a ton of interaction with our site.  This content had a long shelf life, and people would find both the podcast and website for a very long time.  The problem was, since the content was long lived, comments were used by spammers to post links for phishing and other problems.

I have since changed all my blogs so that comments are enabled only for a few weeks. So my question is, does this give you enough time to comment on a post?  Should I extend it?  Does it matter?

Deal with post-surgical blues

Two weeks ago, I had surgery for a combined Carpel Tunnel and Cupital Tunnel injury.  This is pretty much an occupational hazard in our industry.  The Carpel Tunnel surgery addresses the nerve that runs under your wrist, into the palm of your hand and controls three of your digits – the Thumb, pointer, and middle fingers.  The Cupital Tunnel surgery addresses a never that runs over your elbow (I believe it is the nerve that you hit when you “hit your funny bone”).  This nerve impacts your ring finger and pinky.  For me, both of these nerves have been getting progressively worse over years and years of typing (coding, blogging, and dealing with way way too many emails).
I had asked the surgeon if I could get videos of the surgery and he acted like no one has ever asked for this.  What a big disappointment… Years ago I made a video of my LASIK surgery based on a video camera in the laser.  I was really hoping to get video of both of these surgeries.. But no luck.  I was able to find the following two videos online of the procedures though.

Carpel Tunnel Endoscopy surgery – Video.

Cupital Tunnel surgery – Animation and actual Video.

While the surgeries went well, I did have an issue with the steri-strips they used to cover the elbow scar.  I had a major allergic reaction and the elbow is still very inflamed.  I was unable to use the computer and/or lift anything, etc. for two weeks.  Of course, I couldn’t really do this, I was successful for the first week – even though I did one work day long workshop via the phone, big mistake!  Between that meeting and actually starting some emails on the following Monday, I ended up in massive pain for two additional days. 

Due to the surgery I was unable to do my podcast for the last few weeks, over at GamesAtWork dot Biz. I am hoping to get those going again soon.

I am now back to being able to do things, however, I am still dealing with major swelling and pain on the elbow, after watching the above Cupital Tunnel surgery it now makes tons of sense. The Carpel tunnel surgery has caused almost immediate relief but the Cupital tunnel can take up to a year.  We shall see!