Holy Crap Batman! It’s October

Well I’ve been crazy busy lately and decided I really need to post over here. I went into the site and realized I had a draft from August, where I was over loaded and decided I should blog here. What the heck happened!! This year is going fast, but the good news is, I’ve been having fun with WatchOS2 and hope to have an update to my Wasted Time App that works with the phone soon. I am currently able to receive updates on the watch from the phone, but the technique to receive messages on my phone from my watch is not working. I am sure it is something I am doing, but since I am not successfully able to debug both the watch and the phone at the same time this little glitch is going to take a bit longer to fix.

Found this FINALLY:
The WWDC talk Building Watch Apps discusses how to do this.

Basically select the Watch App as the scheme in xcode, hit build+run which will build the iOS app and WatchKit app, install the WatchKit app on to the Watch and attach the debugger to the WatchKit Extension. Then in xcode select the iOS app in the scheme selector and select the iPhone as the target device, launch the iOS app by tapping the app icon on the phone and in xcode in the menu bar select “Debug > Attach to Process” and select your app in the list. This should result in having xcode attached to both processes at the same time.
If you want to debug something early in the iOS app’s lifecycle you can select “Debug > Attach to Process by PID or Name…” and type in the process name of the iOS app prior to launching it manually. This way the debugger will be attached right when the app launches.

Hope this helps!

Hope everyone is having a great year!

Is it worth releasing one-way communications

I have successfully updated Wasted Time so that you can see on the Watch in near real time the updates from the iPhone app.  I am having some difficulty with debugging so that the updates on the Watch will show up on the iPhone.  Are there people who would like to see the app as it stands or should I wait to release upon confirming that the Watch can update the iPhone?  Drop me a comment below.