RSA Day 1 – The Mini-IoT Conference sessions

So I am at the RSA Conference this week, and it was huge!  I had been warned that this is one of the biggest conferences that hits San Francisco each year, but I didn’t believe it.  Having said that, I am amazed at how small the mini-conference is.  It is being run by the Trusted Computing Group and is showcasing about 20 vendors.  The primary message is that TPM can be used by IoT devices.  Intel was showing off a set of GeoFenced capabilities for both VM images and Data Images on Open Stack.  The images capabilities are already in the Open Stack standard you can get to today, but the data services are still in early development.

  • Microsoft and Fraunhofer and many others showed off how they can inline the TPM to allow for more “correct” security in IoT devices.  Each were showing their own full stack solution; which to me is still the biggest problem for mainstream IoT adoption.  Enterprises and consumers do not have full stack lives.  We live in a ecosystem of devices, platforms, operating systems, and things.  Until we get that working across our development stacks too, we will have a hodgepodge of IoT solutions that don’t play well together.
  • Green Hills software showed their Development Lifecycle of trust for embedded systems.  Their approach is to enable libraries for various embedded device platforms and languages, so that you can have a way of managing updates and certificates.  They have various foot prints so that you can deploy to smaller sensors and edge devices.  
  • Fujitsu showed their work with Toyota on enabling over the air and remote updates for connected vehicles.  By leveraging a TPM in the vehicle they were able to provide secure updates.  This will be enabled in vehicles soon.

I then spent some quality time at displays for security programs for kids.  This was cool, and I hoping to get a few speakers for my podcast over at  Games At Work.  A key function of this area was to showcase various programs to help kids understand security and privacy on the internet.  HacKid was there promoting their conference on STE(A)M – Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts), and Mathematics. One voluenteer from Hacker High School was showing off very inexpensive devices for getting kids into programming and security with cool hardware.  The Tech – Musuem of Innovation – was showing off a game that will be in their San Jose museum coming up to teach kids about Cyber Forensics.  I got a chance to talk to their developer and this simple game mechanic is awesome in explaing how to do packet inspection etc. in order to improve your network health.  They are hoping to make this available on line.  They also showed off their Spam and Scam training.  I know a ton of people who could use this one :).  And finally, the Cyber Patriot program talked about how their competition works.  They had 2200 teams last year and the final 20 or so get an all expense paid trip to the finals.  They are about to launch an elementry school program that I hope to have on my podcast soon.

This afternoon I am in a detailed session that I will not blog about… What do you think it is about??

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