Friday coding

During my day job I am a product manager. This job does not encourage or provide time to write code. As I was getting ready to take some time off for the thanksgiving holiday, I worked to clear my calendar, clean my inbox and set a few actions in motion so I could really take some down time. Imagine my surprise when I had a few hours at the end of the day where I could do some coding on a demo we’ve been using for some time. The demo consists of a python application that emulates a car, a set of cloud services which process mqtt enabled devices, and an iOS app that represents a key fob that sends messages to the “car” simulator via the cloud. The initial iOS app was designed for one size screen and one orientation. I’ve always wanted the iOS app to be responsive to the orientation of the phone and to resize based on the various screen sizes, so I took the time late Friday to go back and add auto layout to the app.

I didn’t write the initial app, so completely redoing the interface was not an option. I had to go back and deal with auto layout within interface builder. I personally enjoy doing auto layout completely in code, so this was going to be a new experience for me.

After completing all the fixes, checking it into the repo for others on the team to take advantage of I discovered a new setting in Xcode for iOS8 – Adaptive Layout. I plan on doing some looking at that next!

Learning Swift

I’ve been a big fan of Ray Wenderlich’s site for getting up to speed on iOS programming, etc. For the last few weekends I’ve been spending my “free” time going thru his Swift by example book. While I’ve not gotten too far yet, I am enjoying the material. If you are interested in learning Swift, I can say it’ said good place to start. Go check it out!

MacWorld Expo 2015

By now, any reader of this blog already knows that IDC has cancelled MacWorld Expo.   While they didn’t say “cancelled,” they did put it on hiatus.  As someone who has gone to many different “user” focused conferences over the years, this means cancelle.  At least in any form we may recognize.  We may see a new “Mac Expo” come in to being, but I don’t think that we will ever see same type of conference.  I look back fondly at the friends I’ve made, the sessions I got to sit thru, and all the cool tech that I got to review.

Over the years, I have been trying to get time to go to WWDC, but my day job held a conference every year at the same time.  The good news, at least for me, is that my day job is combining multiple large conferences into one mega-conference.  The date for the new mega-conference is now in Febuary, and I have a chance to try and attend WWDC.

Given Apple’s registration process this is going to be tough, but at least  there’s a chancce.  So I think it’s time to go ahead and book my hotel room.