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Over the last few years, we’ve become me.  A mobile device application developer based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, who is looking at fun and innovative ways of leveraging mobile device platforms.  I have a whole host of ideas we are working on, utilities, games, and productivity tools.  Please drop me an email.  I am currently looking for graphics designers and other developers who would like to spend their spare time working on some of these projects.  Also, check out my two other websites:

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My continuing experience with glass

It’s been a few months with Google glass, and while it is interesting, I am still not overly impressed with the tech.  The idea is fantastic, but the implementation of applications so far is less than impressive.  Given that it is beta, I know things can only get better; however, I am starting to feel that Google is using this as a test platform for their android wear solutions.  The Google Now cards, that show up in glass, are starting to be THE way to program for android wear.

Photo on 7-2-14 at 3.58 PM


Is it the idea that is intriguing, or the actual tech?  I keep wondering if this is because of the requirement for tethering when I am out and about. However, even around the house, or at my favorite coffee shop, when I have full wifi access, I am not finding that the existing apps are that useful.

What do you think?  Are you going to get glass as an explorer?  Do you think it will EVER come out of beta?  Or is this all just a test bed?