Is this your next development machine?

I finally got to play with the MacPro in person the other day at my local Apple store. This was not a fully loaded machine, it only had 12gb of ram and 256gb SSD, but I ran a few tests on it. And it was plenty fast for any activity that required multiple cores. I can image that for a build machine that it may be the machine you need. At very least you can increase the productivity of your design team with this machine. Amazing!

Creating the next generation of connected vehicle

So, I teased this a few days ago. My new job has been heating up and since my linkedin profile now shows it, I guess I can talk about it here. At the beginning of the year, I took a new job as Product Manager for IBM’s connected vehicle offering. We are working across the company and with partners to build out exciting new things for the auto industry. A collegue of mine has the coolest name for this job – Joe Speed. On his blog MobileBit he talks about our machine to machine messaging offering, which will blow you away. This technology and all the other strengths that we can bring together will change the way you interact with your vehicle in the near future.

And now back to our regularly occurring blog about local mobile app developers.