The iPad Air

Apple made a few announcements this week… And like many I had been hoping that the fingerprint reader would be added to the iPad … Like others, I was hoping that Apple would announce a Retina version of the iPad mini.  So I guess I should be 50% happy. Realistically, I think the fingerprint reader is a bigger disappointment to me than the iPad mini is a positive.  I really don’t need the mini.  I like the larger screen of the iPad Air (the new name).  I’ve gotten so used to the fingerprint reader on my iPhone that I really wish they would add it to every apple device that needs some level of security.  Heck I think it would be great to add it to the Apple TV remote so I could use it to require an approval before renting a movie to watch.  Oh well, I guess I will have to settle on having a much lighter, much faster, and thinner device than my old iPad 3.

Having said that, I will write up a review after I can pick one up (hopefully on Friday the 1st).  I will not be getting up early and standing in line for the iPad, like I did for the iPhone 5s just a few short weeks back.  So I hope I can get mine shortly.

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