Android – Root or wait?

For my Android needs, I currently have an Galaxy Tab 2 (10 inch). It is running Android 4.2.1 and I have been wanting to install the latest version of Android, but Samsung has yet to roll the update out for my device. I have read that they are rolling it out around the world, but those reports tend to be a bit confusing. I could root the device and do the update myself, but due to my day job’s policy at IBM this is prohibited on any device that accesses my corporate resources. I currently use the Tab 2 to get my corporate email and instant messaging (using Lotus Traveler and Lotus Sametime for Android). I had these both on my iPhone and iPad, but since, as a developer, I tend to run pre-released and unsupported operating systems I decided to only run corporate software on my Android device.

I guess I could buy another Tab, perhaps the 7 inch, and another iPad (perhaps the mini) and only do upgrades on one device, keeping one device in compliance with corporate policies. What do you think? Do you invest in multiple devices for all of your development environments? One for personal/development use, and one for production use?

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