Day three – MacWorld/iWorld – It’s all about the podcasters

Well today started with a blast! Fred Armisen from SNL and Portlandio!
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He was interviewed by Chris Breen, who was probably geeking out as much as I was. I had the perfect question ready for Q&A, but they ran out of time. Here it goes, for those of you who know a bit about Fred, Question – How do you think punk music would be if it just came about today, given all the technology available to make music? Fred was a drummer in a punk band, so it was the prefect question. Of course Chris asked him about the famous iPhone 5 skit that was done on Saturday Night Live. If you’ve not seen it, immediately click on the previous link, or watch the embed here.

I was surprised to hear that he didn’t write it, especially after you watch this videos from Portlandia.
I was looking for the other video they showed, which was even funnier, as Fred went nuts over dosing on email, web videos, Facebook and twitter. It was amazing.
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After Fred, I actually went and started walking the show floor. I got to meet up with my buddy John Martin from Reallusion and the rest of the gang.

East Coast Dev's Represent!

East Coast Dev’s Represent!

They actually won best of show for their new CrazyTalk for Mac! I had to pick it up and I quickly pulled together something freaky here: CTdemo. I had done one with my own head, but it was even freakier. So you get the cool kitty.

I also stopped by a bunch of app developers for things that I use every day: Smile and ECamm Network. I also picked up a new microphone from Blue Microphones, they have incredible technology and this is my third microphone from them.

I also sat in on part of the future of Apple talk, but to be honest, there was nothing new in the discussions, and I was much more interested in the session on networking trouble shooting by Dave Hamilton from the Mac Observer. The most informative aspects of his talk was around using DD-WRT to setup your own VPN. I’ve been putting that off for some time, but it certainly seems doable now.

The next section I went to was Tom Negrino’s trouble shooting iCloud. The session prior to him ran long, and the one after him was not as forgiving as he was, so he was a bit rushed. He did a great job of explaining all the feature / functions of iCloud, but was rushed to cover most of the good content on actually trouble shooting. I am hoping that the presentations will be posted soon. The one thing that I shared with him was that you can also get to the raw iCloud files on your Mac by going to ~user/Library/Mobile Documents ( I can’t find the article where I learned this, and you can really screw things up here… but if you need to access a file directly this is where they are kept).

The final section was Don McAllister from Screencasts Online going thru AirPlay. A great tip was AirServer and Reflector, I have been using Reflector for some videos on this site. I think I now need to check out AriServer. The rest of the section was a live demo, explaining the ins and outs. He was fantastic! I really need to check out his Screencasts.

Finally I grabbed a quick beer with some of the podcasters I’ve been listening to over the years.

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