Traders vs Trinars – Intro

Welcome to “Trinars Vs. Traders”, the space-based turn-based strategy game where you try to take over the entire solar system.  

Traders Vs. Trinars

Traders Vs. Trinars

After a bloody civil war that engulfed the entire solar system an uneasy peace has begun.  It is now up to you to decide how this peace will progress.  But it won’t be easy, on the fringe of known space there is a race of aliens which seem hellbent on destroying everything in the solar system.  They have recently been increasing their attacks, becoming more and more brazen as they work their way to the capital planet.  They don’t steal, they don’t run away, they just kill.

You are either a merchant or a military captain, and only you can stop this onslaught…Good Luck!

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