Yearly Sojourn

Well it’s almost here… My yearly sojourn to San Francisco to geek out with Mac and iOS users. This year, I decided to focus on iOS development while I am there, and am taking a full day intro class on iOS programming. You may ask, why take an intro class? I like to understand what people are learning, as they get started in programming. I’ve been coding iOS for three years now, and always learn something new when I see how others are learning. People starting by learning iOS6 get a completely different perspective than those of use who have been coding since iOS3.x.

While I am out there, I am also looking forward to catching up with friends and acquaintance from over the years. If you are planning on heading out, drop me a comment or tweet and let’s meet up for a beer or a coffee.

About Michael

I created this site to help showcase the mobile application community in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.
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