Windows 8 and the phone

It appears that Windows Phone SDK is finally getting released at the end of this month. I’ve been looking at a lot of different reports lately about the amount of apps by platform, the growth by platform, and popularity of various other aspects. To that end, whenever I see these reports I think “would I, should I, learn yet another phone platform and target it?” I am sure many other mobile developers are thinking about this same thing.

When people look at stocks, the saying is, you buy on the rumor and sell on the news.

If you use this thought process for you mobile app development, does that mean that we should all be coding for Windows Phone 8 by now? The Analysts keep saying it is going to be huge!! I know this report is a bit old, but I’ve not found any report that says this prediction has changed. So to me, this is the rumor… It also becomes a self fulfilling prophecy… if we follow the idea above. People go to where the apps are, so if we build apps on the rumor, the apps will be there.

The flipside the also becomes true, we all know the news of iOS and Android. they are hugely successful with so many potential users for our apps. They are both continuing to grow fast! So if we build on the rumor suddenly there won’t be new apps for these popular platforms. And people will leave them.. to go for the new apps… over on Windows.

I’m not sure.. I think I will continue to write for IOS.

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