Episode 1 – Downcast App

Well, I have finally gotten the first episode of Triangle App Show edited and clean up.. including my attempt at writing a theme song. Seth McFarland from Downcast was kind enough almost a year ago to be the first person to record an interview with me. Now that I have the Reflections Application on my Mac, I have captured a current review of the capabilities of his fine podcatcher. And you will be the beneficiary of updated video editing software and a few new ideas. I would love to get your ideas and input on this post recording.

IBM Innovate and Mobile

As part of my Day Job, I work for IBM in the Rational Software Brand.  I do business strategy, this means I look at how Rational can develop and address new markets, as well as how we work across the rest of IBM.  In that role I focus on Mobile, DevOps, Cloud and SaaS.  I was able to go to our IBM Innovate conference and speak in the Mobile Track and the Executive Track on work that I am doing in my day to day activities.  I also did a series of blog posts in the IBM Mobile Frontier blog over on DeveloperWorks.

I won’t repeat all the content over here… The focus of this site is independent app developers…  not enterprise app developers.  So I wanted to ask – Do you develop Hybrid Apps?   Hybrid apps are apps that leverage web technologies like HTML5, but are wrapped in a native platform application.  If you are developing for multiple platforms and device configurations, Hybrid Apps can let you quickly deploy “native” apps on iOS, Android, RIM, and Windows Phone, that leverage your skills as a web developer.  I personally see huge amount of value to this for enterprises, but I am not sure this translates over to independent developers.

What do you think?