Games at Work dot Biz

I am one of the Michael’s over at Games At Work dot Biz. Over the last month I’ve been working to get the site up and running and move our content from it’s old home at Dogear-nation. It certainly had been a learning experience, makes me appreciate all the hard work of the various co-hosts, who also did site maintenance, went thru to make it the site it ended up. Matt Simpson, Steven Harrison, and Andy Piper. I owe each of them a debt of gratitude for working thru a lot of the complexities of building the site, and giving me a great starting point when I built the new site. I also discovered how selfless they were on registering and buying some awesome plugins. I purchased many of the same ones for Games At Work dot Biz.

Go check it out and let me know what you think. I will be posting my first video over here this weekend.

Reflections App and reviews

I want to thank Tim for introducing me to Reflections App. This mac app allows you to share your iPhone or iPad screen to your Mac, just like Apple’s AirPlay. The really nice feature; however, is that it also will record that session, including sounds from your iOS device. I am going to start using this application to do quick reviews of some of my favorite apps that I use from local developers. Hope to post my first one this week.

Triangle TweetUp and local developers

I’ve been to the triangle TweetUp hosted by Bronto for three years running. It is a great time and place to catchup with twitter friends, learn about cool things going on, and drink some good local beers. This year it included a mini ignite section, where six people got up and did five minute lightning talks. Having just done a lightning talk of sorts at IBM’s impact conference the week before, I really enjoyed the fact that these talks were truly personal, not focused on specific technology.

I also had the enjoyment of talking with both Drewand Tim. Tim told me about a great application for the Mac which I hope to use to start doing a few screencasts about my favorite apps. Go check out Reflections App.

I realize that working on this blog, along with my other activities at Games at work, Wasted time and my day job I’ve not been able to keep a nice cadence of entries over here. To that end, I am reaching out to others In the local community over the next few months to see if we can expand the base of bloggers on your favorite local app developers. More to come on that front.

IBM impact and mobile

As part of my day job, I work for IBM. Full disclosure, I work in the Rational software brand. As part of my job, I am focused on mobile development. To that end, I was able to go the IBM Impact in Las Vegas, Nevada this part week. It was amazing to see the number of people in the enterprise who are focused on mobile. From customers, partners, analysts, and IBMers, everyone was focused on mobile and looking at how they could extend their applications to take advantage of mobile devices.

IBM showed of their IBM Mobile Foundation, this is the first IBM version of the recently purchased WorkLight studio and server. For those who don’t follow enterprise applications, this allows for creation of hybrid mobile applications. A hybrid application is one that is combination of html5 and native platform code. This “best of both worlds” way of developing allows for common functions across multiple platforms, iOS, android, and windows mobile, while supporting native code for those functions which need access to device capabilities, i.e. the camera, or address book.

My focus for this blog and podcast ( when I can get time to get the podcast started ), is more about stand alone apps, for end users, not hybrid apps or enterprise users. However, it was certainly exciting to see all of this excitement in the enterprise. This will allow more and more developers to become mobile enabled, and that means that we will see more apps being developed for home and fun!