Improved Calendar – Don’t ya think?

So got a bit of feedback, and it seems that people agree with me, that the calendar was pretty bad… even lame may come to mind… So here’s an improvement (?)

And just to complete the image.. here is it small (as it would show in the app…

 — And just for fun.. the clock in app size —

 — I think the clock shrinks down well….

Ideas for graphics

In the last post, we indicated we were working on improving the graphics for Wasted Time.  Here are a couple of suggestions we are working with… Feedback is appreciated:

1) For the toggle on hourly verses salary rates

A) Hourly would be represented by a clock. 

B) Salary would be represented by a calendar

2) Our toughest design will be for meeting information, but here’s what we are thinking so far:

A) Start a meeting would be represented by a runner in the starting blocks

B) Quorum achieved is what is driving the design here – There is no universal quorum graphic, so a runner in full stride is our graphic of choice

C) and to complete the image – Meeting Ended has to be crossing the finish line, and breaking thru the tape.

3) If we do this, our goal is to remove the instructions page.  It is, after all, a bit lame.

If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.  Comment to this thread or drop us an email at support.

What’s going on in 1.2?

So, we continued to have slow and steady sales so far.  It’s pretty cool to see where our next sale is coming in from each day.  In the mean time, we are working on more improvements to create version 1.2.  These include:


  • Disallowing the paste feature – some of our users have been playing with entering text in the rate field.  The good news is that the program will treat this as a value of 0.
  • Better graphics – Our goal is to make the entire application language neutral.
  • Localization of the currency value – Right now the rate is currency neutral, but wouldn’t you like to see your phone’s currency setting?
  • Odometers instead of text – We’d like to have a spinning odometer showing you the values as they spin up higher and higher. 

While each of these seem pretty easy, we will not publish until we have at least the bottom two done (they are the harder ones).  We value your feedback, so drop us an email at support or comment on this post.


Wasted Time v1.0

Well, we realized we created the category and then put all our news on the main news feed.  So here it is, we officially went live with Wasted Time 1.0 on July 12th.  It has been an exciting week, and we submitted our first update to Wasted Time to Apple on July 17th.  It hasn’t made it through the review cycle yet, so we are all waiting for that to finish.

A couple of changes are planned for version 1.2, including more graphic enhancements.  Can’t wait to submit.